Identity Management

IDentiTech NZ have developed a closed user group Safety product. This is a Cloud based product, and has a number of on premise extensions to provide the rich functionality and experience needed for such a product.
IDentiTech NZ see that this product could be of interest to many organisations. IDentiTech NZ envisage that this could extend across all organisations that have deployed the product. IDentiTech NZ can partner with any organisation in further developing this to enable a wider audience to utilise its benefits.
Our white label product is a Credential management system that has been prototyped against the construction industry. It allows for an individual to register themselves as a member, who then has the benefit of being associated to a network of organisations, who approve and assign credentials to the member. This enables an individual to meet onsite health and safety protocols. The credentials are displayed via a virtual card, that is accessed from the members physical membership card via a QR code or NFC. A member presents their card at a checkpoint for scanning, which highlights to the validator any missing or expired credentials, such as required licences, and inductions.
The data collected is also used to assist organisations in planning the training and tendering. Giving the organisation an overview of their employees skill sets and credentials.
The application is a SAS model that is driven via an API containing all the business rules, data distribution and permissions via our own OAuth service. The API has been designed to integrate into existing solutions, as well as be consumed by custom web apps and mobile applications.